Scottish Chamber of Safety

Promoting Safety throughout Scotland

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About the Scottish Chamber of Safety

The Scottish Chamber of Safety is the regional body for all safety groups in Scotland, it aims to provide a forum for health and safety in Scotland and function as a liaison between the various groups and individuals who have an interest in health and safety in Scotland.

The Chamber is made up from the various Occupational Safety Groups throughout Scotland. If you require information or on-going support the local groups provide an excellent source of advice and experience.

Find where your local group meets and get involved. Not all groups have their own websites but contact details for all of the groups is available through the main Safety Groups UK website.

SCoS Awards 2017

The Scottish Chamber of Safety thanks all organisations who entered the SCoS Awards 2017. The judges were delighted with the quality of entries in this years competition, which were all of an extremely high standard.

Congratulations on behalf of the Chamber and judges to all the winners who were presented with their respective awards at a ceremony held within the Safety Dialogue Theatre at the Scotland Works Exhibition in the SEC on the 3rd May 2017 in front of many representatives of the extensive Safety Community in Scotland.

The awards aim to recognise the innovative work being done to raise the standards of health, safety and environment management in Scotland and to share success. Tremendous work is being done in raising the standards of health, safety and environment management in Scotland.