Monthly Archive 5th March 2013

Save the Management Regs ACoP

Unfortunately, the Government plans to cut important guidelines that help employers to comply with health and safety laws. Organisations use the ‘Management of Health and Safety at Work Approved Code of Practice’ (ACoP) to manage risk and prevent accidents, injury, illness and death in the workplace. But the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) wants to replace this with non-approved guidance that lacks the same authority and assurance. This would be a mistake that could potentially cost lives, SCoS and many others strongly urge the DWP to improve and retain this much-valued ACoP.

IOSH have posted an e-petition on the Government’s website and if it reachs 100,000 signatures, it triggers consideration and a possible debate in Parliament. Such a debate would draw attention to the issues and supporting MPs would get the opportunity to make the case for retention. To help secure 100,000 signatories, we’re encouraging our membership and all interested parties to sign-up. More information about e-petitions is available on the website.

SCoS would like to encourage all groups and any interested family and friends to sign this e-petition. Signing is quick and easy and can be done by visiting It just requires your name, address and email address, please take two minutes to support this petition.