Monthly Archive 14th March 2023

RoSPA protect our people banner with blonde haired woman hold her head in her hands

Protect Our People

Oppose the REUL Bill

The Retained EU Law Bill (REUL), currently going through parliament, threatens to abolish approximately 4000 pieces of longstanding legal protections on 31 December. This will spell catastrophe for the health and safety of our families and communities and will cost lives.

The blanket removal of long-standing legislation is a dereliction of duty by parliament in its role of oversight. The bill causes confusion and uncertainty, and due to its ambiguous wording confers excessive discretion on ministers. Everything that is not actively saved by Ministers will automatically be turned off on expiry of the sunset deadline. REUL encompasses a range of policy areas that are devolved and is silent on what should happen when a UK minister seeks to make changes in those areas.

The aim of the RoSPA campaign is to gain support from peers, organisations and committees, across all sectors, to help raise these concerns and put pressure on the Government to commit to preserving the ongoing health and safety of our communities.